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Excerpts from Radio Interview with Dr. Norton on public radio show “Quality of Life”

Quality of Life – Excerpts (11 minutes)

Highlights from Dr. Norton’s audio program “The Releasing Pain/Restoring Health Action Plan”

Coming Soon! (8 minutes)
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Highlights from Dr. Norton’s audio program, “Second Opinion, Second Chance”


Second Opinion, Second Chance – Introduction (4 minutes)

Leslie’s Story: Miraculous story of recovery

Leslie’s Story (7 minutes)

Highlights from Dr. Norton’s Audio Program, “What’s Blocking You?”

Freeway in Your Body: Your nervous system is like a freeway

Freeway in Your Body (4 minutes)

Dorian’s Story: Message of hope from a lifelong arthritis sufferer

Dorian’s Story (5 1/2 minutes)

Kathy’s Story: Can emotional stress lead to pain or even cancer?

Kathy’s Story (8 minutes)

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