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February/March 2008, Page 13

Dr. Matthew Norton has been a chiropractor in Fresno since 1983. A father of five who grew up here and graduated from Hoover High School, he has become a respected member of our community. January was an important month for Dr. Norton, marking not only his twenty-fifth year in practice, but also his most recent achievement as author and publisher of his new book Where Does It Hurt?: Surprising Stories and Insights for Releasing Pain and Restoring Whole Body Health.

His passion for nurturing the health and well-being of his patients is evident not only in his detailed and informative text, but also in the numerous accounts from patients themselves. The stories are indeed surprising and insightful. His book challenges the long held paradigm of medication and surgery as being the primary options for addressing chronic pain. He encourages readers to focus on finding and applying a true solution to their underlying conditions, rather than simply managing and masking their symptoms with risky and potentially addictive medications. The book clarifies that medication doesn’t actually heal, but frequently diminishes the vitality and compromises the quality of life of the patient. He responds to these quandaries by offering real-life solutions for not only eliminating, but also preventing pain in the first place. Along the way, he also reveals the hope of those who have long suffered, and perhaps given up ever finding relief, as they realize recovery truly is within reach. Where Does It Hurt? is both an eye-opener and an engaging read.

Dr. Norton asks the question “What good is the money and success you seek, if you sacrifice your health in the process?” and then provides practical strategies that engage your body, mind and spirit to create a more balanced, harmonious lifestyle that permits you to make regular deposits in a “wellness bank account,” storing up a greater capacity to thrive amidst the inevitable injuries and stresses we all face.

One of the unique contributions this new book makes is its clear exposition of the power of the nervous system to facilitate our health when functioning properly, or direct our demise when disturbed. He reveals how the nervous system is impacted by the condition of the spine that it anchors into and travels through. This concept alone makes it essential reading.

Dr. Norton has also published numerous articles, conducted teleseminars, and maintains multiple educational websites. He speaks frequently to businesses and organizations on how emotions, stress, and injuries influence nervous symptom function and whole body health. For more information on Dr. Norton and his book, please visit or

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