Cancer: Where Do You Look for Information and Answers?

by drnorton on March 27, 2013

I’ve had many thoughts going through my mind the last couple of days and my hope is that sharing some of them might be helpful. Allow me to summarize four recent precipitating experiences and then next time we’ll examine some important research that affects how likely you are to develop cancer or other degenerative diseases.


#1 – While caring for my patients the other day I noticed their repeated references to experiencing increased energy, better sleep, improved mood and sense of well-being, and an enhanced capacity to handle stress. These weren’t the reasons they came to see me as a doctor of chiropractic but they were pleased, even elated. Most never would have thought of these benefits nor considered they had a need for them.


These people entered my office seeking relief from back pain, neck pain, or headaches, often desperate after other efforts had failed.  The cultural consensus is that chiropractic is only necessary and helpful if you have pain in these areas. Is that your understanding? Is it true?


#2 – That evening I taught a program on the growing body of research that confirms the autonomic nervous system as a foundational factor in our health and disease and then explores its powerful relationship to spinal function. Part of this science examines the connection between chiropractic adjustments, improved nervous system communication, enhanced immune function, and even DNA repair. The audience was blown away.


#3 – The next afternoon I had a meeting with a local medical doctor (a member of the Healthcare Experts Alliance for Life group I’m organizing) who specializes in regenerative medicine. This field focuses upon restoring lost function and repairing organs damaged by lifestyle and disease through stimulating tissues to heal themselves. He does this mostly through intravenous nutrition. We discussed our common worldviews as well as our unique and complementary care approaches.


We initiated plans to collaborate on a community educational presentation and to explore a combined treatment approach for patients suffering with cancer and other degenerative disease conditions. Keep reading before you fall off your chair in disbelief or distress at that statement. We didn’t even mention back pain (although my care is amazing in solving that issue).


#4 – Later that evening I overheard my son, who’s getting ready to move to Atlanta to begin Chiropractic College, having a Skype conversation with a friend about her breast cancer fears, given her mother’s death from that disease. It started with her interest in genetic testing to assess whether she had breast cancer genes. It led to some stressful moments as my son shared some of his understanding of how lifestyle choices and environmental exposures are predominant factors in cancer development versus a sole focus on defective genes. He wanted to empower her through knowing she didn’t have to express whatever genetic possibility she possessed, but this was obviously a foreign concept to her.


She asked him how he knew anything about this, to which he responded that he’d learned these things in conversation with his chiropractor dad. She replied with a statement to the effect of “I wouldn’t look to a chiropractor for information about cancer.”


Where do you go for your health or disease information and understanding? Do you place limits on who might possess insights that could lead to your healing? Novel ideas that could set you free may be found in unexpected places.


Let me be clear that chiropractic is not an alternative treatment for cancer, and not really a “treatment” for anything.


In my work I assess how disturbances in people’s spinal function are negatively impacting their nervous system communication and then restore optimum function through gentle, precise, instrument adjustments. This is critically important because the nervous system directs and coordinates every single action in our bodies. Then the body that was made to regulate and heal itself can get back to doing what it already knows how to do.


  • For over 27 years my patients have reported these and many other life-changing results.
  • An expanding body of research is confirming and providing its scientific basis.
  • More forward-thinking medical doctors are becoming aware of the holistic connections between our specialties, not primarily for condition or symptom management, but for restoring function and overall health and well-being.
  • Naturally the majority of the public has no background framework for seeing these holistic health connections. I don’t expect them to understand, but my commitment is to teach and serve all who are open.


Are you available to keep learning? The Earth used to be flat and it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that investigators confirmed that the nervous system regulates the immune system. There’s always new knowledge. We must keep reaching.

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