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At least 50 million people in the United States suffer with chronic pain – back pain tops the list followed closely by neck pain and headaches. Most will suffer unnecessarily for the rest of their lives. Whatss worse is that dangerous medication and risky, invasive procedures are frequently the only treatments offered to relieve the pain.

Dr. Matthew Norton, an authority on pain and its causes, believes that those with chronic pain who currently take medication may actually be doing more harm than good.

“People don’t have to mask their pain symptoms with pills. There’s another option, which eliminates pain by locating and correcting its underlying cause.”

According to Dr. Norton, pain medication can actually create more problems than it helps because it can prevent the body from healing itself.

“There are methods to release pain completely from the body, and not one of them comes in pill form. Most people don’t realize that medications never heal. The body always heals itself, whether it’s a broken bone, a damaged disk, or a head cold. There are proven strategies that will coax the body into self-healing, and these methods are extremely effective and often permanent.”

The pharmaceutical industry profits by encouraging pain sufferers to mask their symptoms with harsh medications, but there is a better way.


Helping to Set People Free From Pain and Illness to
Express Their Full Potential, Since 1983

Dr. Matthew Norton has been affecting the lives of individuals and families for over 25 years with his wellness message, focusing on our incredible inborn potential to heal and thrive amidst life’s injuries and stresses. He teaches that the ability to live a long and vital life with expanded capacity requires a nervous system free of the interference caused by those injuries and stresses. Dr. Norton is unique in the profession in combining these foundational principles with a cutting edge strategy for measuring and correcting these health-disturbing interferences.

He founded Norton Chiropractic Wellness Center in 1997 to focus exclusively upon this powerful, life and health transforming approach. It stands apart from the medical and general chiropractic symptom-treating model and according to the doctor is sometimes not understood because it is still ahead of its time.

Improving Nervous System Function Improves Health;
Improving Health Improves Quality of Life

Dr. Norton unites his passion for learning, teaching, and healing with a compassion for those who are struggling with pain and illness or not performing at their peak. He brings to his work a high level of academic achievement and cutting-edge body/mind research. However, he also brings a deeply caring heart transformed by difficult personal life experiences.

Chief among the hurdles was the sudden death of his first wife in 1987, at age 34, leaving him with her 5-year-old twin daughters that he had just adopted. Remarriage led to the challenge of family blending and raising three same-age girls. Dr. Norton has a beautiful, supportive wife named Judy and five children in all. Healing through his devastating loss involved a deepened commitment to God, his family, and to his personal development. It also produced a strong desire to positively impact as many others as possible toward greater wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Norton's family

Practicing what he preaches is Dr. Norton’s lifestyle. He has availed himself of consistent precision chiropractic care to overcome numerous childhood traumas. These injuries, including a significant auto accident, negatively impacted his own spinal health and had left him with chronic neck pain and headaches by age 20. This is a primary motivator in his teaching of the importance of early subluxation detection and correction to avoid permanent damage and future misery.

Dr. Norton graduated from Life West Chiropractic College in Hayward, Ca. in early 1983 as class valedictorian. He has always practiced progressive, specialized and gentle methods of spinal/nervous system care. His mastery of Torque Release Technique with the advanced Integrator instrument has come through years of study and the care of many thousands of patients since 1997. During the same time he has also become an expert in the conduction and interpretation of computerized nervous system functional assessments.

Dr. Norton has dedicated himself to continual educational upgrades through professional coursework and certifications as well as constant self-study. He has further expressed his commitment to understanding and connecting with his patients through courses and accreditation as both a behavioral style and values analyst. He also teaches and conducts business workshops utilizing this insightful information. He completed a one-year certification program in whiplash/spinal trauma as well as achieving the status of Qualified Medical Examiner in the Worker’s Compensation system.

Dr. Norton loves jazz music, movies, and reading strange things like quantum physics. He enjoys physical exercise, including running. He completed two half marathons and his first full marathon in 2002. He is grateful for his life, health, and the knowledge and talents he possesses to help people who truly desire to be at their best.

Dr. Norton’s passion is informing people about solutions for their chronic pain and other health problems.


  • Doctor of Chiropractic since 1983.
  • Author of Where Does It Hurt? Surprising Stories and Insights for Releasing Pain and Restoring Whole Body Health
  • Certification as an expert Behavioral Style and Values Analyst through DC Mentors/Target Training International.
  • Former Qualified Medical Examiner in the California Worker’s Compensation system.
  • Valedictorian from Life Chiropractic College, West in Northern California.
  • Founding member of Wellness Connections, a Central California community of health care providers who educate the public about healing and wellness.
  • Achieved expert status in Torque Release Technique and Proficiency Certification in Activator Methods Technique.
  • Completed a one-year certification program in whiplash/spinal trauma .
  • Frequent speaker for businesses and organizations on how injuries, stress, and emotions influence nervous system function and overall well-being.
  • Author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles, conducted teleseminars, and maintains an education-centered website.
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