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Published Articles

Dr. Norton has published numerous articles on an array of topics from pain relief to stress management to vaccinations. Click below to download a PDF version of these articles or click on the second link to see a scan of the original article. “Pain: Life Destroyer or Catalyst to Healing?” World of Wellness. Spring 2008. Download PDFDownload JPG “Living with Vitality in a Virus filled World.” World of Wellness. Winter 2007. Download PDFDownload GIF “Summer Stress Strategies.” Fresno Magazine. June 2006. Download PDFDownload GIF “Inside Health: (because that’s where it comes from).” Inside Fresno. Jan. 2006. Download PDFDownload GIF “Food for Thought: Nutrition for Your Mind.” 2006 Medical Guide. 2006. Download PDFDownload GIF “A Shot in the Dark: Thrive This Flu Season with a Safer Strategy than Shots.” Inside Fresno. Nov. 2005. Download PDFDownload GIF “Save health insurance for crises, not maintenance.” Fresno Bee. 01 Nov. 2003. Download PDFDownload GIF “Your health account must be in balance.” Fresno Bee. 01 Sept. 2001. Download PDFDownload GIF “Red Ribbon Week means saying no to legal drugs, too.” Fresno Bee. 01 Oct. 2000. Download PDFDownload GIF “Parents must make informed choiced on hepatitis B vaccines.” Fresno Bee. 09 Oct. 1999. Download PDFDownload GIF “Public deserves better protections from pharmaceutical industry.” Fresno Bee. 12 Sept. 1998. Download PDFDownload GIF