My family and I have been longtime patients of Dr. Norton and our quality of life has been greatly enhanced through his work. As a pharmacist, I’ve referred numerous customers to him that were trapped in severe pain and ill health while living on prescription pain pills and muscle relaxants. Dr. Norton continues to resolve the conditions and transform the lives of those in his care as revealed in this excellent book.

Charles D. McGregor, Doctor of Pharmacy

I’ve found Dr. Norton’s approach to diagnosing and adjusting spinal problems to be safe, gentle and effective. His use of computerized measurements of nervous system function adds key information that helps track progress. I’ve found that regular adjustments help reduce my chronic pain from a collapsed vertebra. I have recommended him to my patients and they have had excellent results with his methods.

Daniel Blodgett M.D.

Dr. Norton’s gentle and precise approach to caring for the human body corrects the underlying disorder rather than covering it up.

I’ve experienced a significant decrease in the frequency and severity of my own pain episodes through his specialized technique, which has also allowed me to feel very comfortable referring my patients for his help.

Karen J. Hansen-Smith, M.D., Family Medicine Physician

Thanks to Dr. Norton’s unique healing approach, my body is responding better to life’s daily stresses. Even after enduring extra challenges recently, including two surgeries, I feel better than I have in years. My chronic immune and digestive problems are greatly improved. It’s amazing what can happen when your nervous system disturbance is detected and corrected.

Julie Waters, patient

My pharmacist saw me in excruciating lower back and leg pain, worsening despite an MRI, physical therapy, and massive amounts of pain medication and muscle relaxants, and referred me to Dr. Norton. I had stopped my normal activities and feared I’d be forced to quit my job as a college professor because of the pain increase when standing. When Dr. Norton located my spine and nervous system problem and started correcting it, I quickly began to improve. Now I’m back to my busy life and feeling great without medication. I’ve come to understand that my health is priceless, and for such a precious gift Dr. Norton, thank you!

Nuria Denis-Arrue, patient

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