Where Does It Hurt? Book

Dr. Norton’s new book with “Surprising Stories and Insights For Releasing Pain and Restoring Whole Body Health.”

Are you:

  • Suffering with pain?
  • Becoming frustrated in your efforts to find relief?
  • Dissatisfied with your current diagnosis or treatment?
  • Worrying that the underlying cause of your condition is yet to be identified and addressed?

Cover of Dr. Norton's bookPain Perspective

More and more people suffer from chronic pain.
What’s worse is that medication and risky, invasive procedures are frequently the only treatments offered to relieve the pain.

What important responsibilities are you no longer able to carry out due to the extent of your pain?
Are you missing days at work? Are you worried that your supervisor is getting impatient with you?

Can you no longer pick up children, garden, or play a sport?
How much and how long do you suffer if you attempt to do them? And what pleasurable activities have you given up?

“What good is the money and success you seek, if you sacrifice your health in the process?”

—Dr. Matthew Norton

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