Your Health in Danger in “Atomism-Land”

by drnorton on November 30, 2012

In my last blog posting I challenged you to begin paying close attention to the news and to your daily life for evidence of “atomistic” perspectives or practices. I asked you to see how often these appear versus messages that are more “holistic” (See the Nov. 15th posting for several distinctions between these worldviews) and then to let me know what you notice by posting comments.

Allow me to point out what I believe to be a great recent example of atomism from my local newspaper. The article headline was:

“New Approach May Halt Heart Attack, Stroke”

It tells of a new study that found a blood test that can spot “seemingly healthy people” who are at increased risk of a heart attack or stroke and discusses the protection afforded by placing them on an already widely used cholesterol-lowering statin drug named Crestor. Paul Ridker of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston said “It really changes the way we have to think about prevention of heart attack and stroke.”

The study was funded by AstraZeneca, the maker of Crestor. Several leading authorities predicted the findings would prompt many doctors to prescribe a powerful cholesterol-lowering drug for millions of healthy people with normal cholesterol levels.This seems to me like a wonderful marketing strategy to get more financial gain from a drug whose 2007 first quarter sales jumped 59% (over the same quarter in 2006) to $628 million bringing AstraZeneca to a $1.56 billion first quarter profit.

If you go to here is just a portion of what you’ll find. “The risks associated with Crestor have long been known and discussed since before the drug was even on the market. They are serious and can be life threatening. The drug can cause intense muscle damage that can progress into kidney damage and failure. Crestor can damage the muscles of your body to such an extent that the muscle decays and dies, flooding your bloodstream with toxins. The kidney cannot handle such a large amount of toxins and substances, and is either severely damaged, or fails. Kidney failure can often lead to death. Crestor risk factors also include liver damage. This risk is especially heightened when Crestor is used with other medicines.”Do you think all these negative side-effect concerns will be openly discussed with all of the potential candidates for this drug? I’m guessing not.Read the four descriptions of “atomism” I listed in the previous post and tell me whether you think this Crestor heart attack and stroke “solution” is a perfect example.

Is it really a good idea to give millions of healthy people with normal cholesterol levels a powerful and dangerous, even potentially fatal, drug as a form of protection?

Pause and think about this for a moment. Is this a picture of insanity or is it just me?

More insanity next time as we explore a study on Vitamins C and E. It appeared in the same newspaper on the same day and would lead the uninformed to choose Crestor instead. What is the optimum level of Crestor in the body anyway?

Join in the dialogue by posting your impressions.

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